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EHC Basel defeat Argovia Stars in Swiss Cup Qualifier

Basel’s Joshua Schnellmann wasted little time and scored an unassisted goal after only 27 seconds into the first period.

Teammate Nicolai Gusset added a second goal five minutes later after an assist from Alessio Guantario.

Former Basler player Pascal Wittwer put Argovia on the board by scoring a goal 2 minutes later.  Witter struck again and drew the match shortly thereafter.

Basel’s Kohler put his team back in the lead with a goal five minutes into the second period.  His goal came after an assist from Damon Puntus.

Rony Spreyermann increased the lead 12 minutes later after an assist from Noah Isler.

Guantario gave Basel their fifth goal two minutes into the third period. Schnellmann put the game even further out of reach by scoring Basel’s sixth goal 11 minutes later.

Argovia scored their third goal of the match a few minutes before regulation expired.

EHC Basel will face EHC Dübendorf later tonight.