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Editors in Zurich and Fribourg - 14 and 15 February 2020

People ask me: "So, does it ever get boring seeing a band more times than you can count?". If the band is as great as Editors, the answer is: no. Well, yes and no. Some concerts are of course more memorable than others when you go and see the same band every other Tuesday.

But there are always those moments of elation when Editors launch into "Papillon", or when they play "Frankenstein" live for the first time, or when the whole room sings along to "Sugar".

Keane in Zurich - 31 January 2020

When bands take a seven-year hiatus, you might be forgiven for thinking that they'll never get back together again. It's all the more pleasing, then, when they release a new album, go on tour, and prove that they're still tremendous in a live setting.

Jinjer in Zurich - 15 December 2019

If you've never heard a frontwoman switch seamlessly from clean singing to death growls, now's your chance: head over to Ukrainian band Jinjer's music video of "Pisces" and join the millions whose jaws collectively dropped when they first heard Tatiana Shmailyuk's astonishing vocals.

Cult Of Luna at the Z7 Konzertfabrik - 1 December 2019

Swedish post-metal group Cult of Luna brought a bombastic and hypnotic fusion of post-rock, doom metal, and electronic atmospheres to the Z7 Konzertfabrik in Pratteln, where they were supported by post-rock trio A.A. Williams (UK) and the punk-ish post-hardcore Brutus (Belgium).

A.A. Williams

Cigarettes After Sex in Zurich - 17 November 2019

Monochromatic but far from monotone, Greg Gonzalez and his Brooklyn-based dream pop band Cigarettes After Sex entranced their devoted audience at the delightfully intimate Plaza in Zürich.

Rival Sons at the Z7 Konzertfabrik - 14 November 2019

There are rock stars, and then there are Rock Stars - capital R, capital S. Rival Sons singer Jay Buchanan is a Rock Star. Blessed with powerful vocals and oodles of charisma, he brings to mind the strutting frontmen of yore.

Opeth in Zurich - 10 November 2019

"Right, chaps, are we ready?" is not a phrase you would necessarily expect to hear at a progressive metal concert. But that's exactly what amiable Opeth singer Mikael Åkerfeldt asked his fellow musicians midway through the band's show at the Volkshaus in Zurich, before launching into another of their complex, multi-layered songs.

The Specials in Zurich - 6 November 2019

It was all pork pie hats, checkerboard shirts and skinny ties at the X-TRA in Zurich on November 6th, 2019 – ska legends The Specials were in town.

Snow Patrol and Tom Walker at the Baloise Session - 30 October 2019

What do you get when two masters of between-song banter share the Baloise Session stage? A highly entertaining evening and music to die for. Both Tom Walker and Snow Patrol frontman Gary Lightbody have a knack for telling stories, taking the mick, and just generally spreading cheer.