Fasnacht Dictionary

Ever wondered what a Clique, Gugge, Schnitzelbangg or Larve is? Then check out our handy explanations below!


Cliques refer to the bigger groups which include drummers and fifers.


Cliquenkeller are the cellars of the various Cliques; that's where they practise during the year. At Fasnacht, these cellars are open and people can come and hang out and have a drink (in some cellars).



Secret Dinner Review By Mary Collins 06/04/2019

Nothing is quite as exciting as having a themed dinner party, unless it's with strangers at a secret location! The theme was Fashion and the meeting point a playground in the suburbs of Basel. 

Comedy im Balz! English Comedy Show Night!

Created By : Mary Collins 02/04/2019

Fasnacht 2019 Approaches!

Fasnacht Approaches!

By Mary Collins

Nomad Hotel review

Nomad Hotel review

On 4th January 2016 there was a very quiet opening of a new 4* Design & Lifestyle Hotel in Basel, it was that quiet no one really knew but with clever marketing the ‘official’ opening 23rd January 2016 blew a cold January Saturday night into a spectacular fireball. This hotel is Nomad Hotel.

Markus Klinko Exhibition - David Bowie Photographs - April 2016

At the Licht Feld Gallery on 24 March 2016, there was a gathering of the most fashionable types, as David Bowie was in town (albeit on canvas). This exclusive photography exhibition of more than twenty original Bowie photos, taken by Markus Klinko, really was breathtaking and emotional.

Gaynor's Lifestyle Chat - February 2016

This month I wanted to touch on romance and relationships as, yes, it is the month of love. Regardless of my opinion on love and the dreaded Valentine's Day that comes and goes, in my case I was inside a Swiss glacier in Saas Fee, 4k meters above sea level, freezing this thing out, as I'm a singleton.

Gaynor's Lifestyle Chat - January 2016

For the Grand Opening of my NEW Lifestyle Chat this month, I wanted to touch on all things black.

First of all, I have a Tom Ford Black Orchid gift set worth CHF 100.-to give away as a prize, so contact me if you want to discuss anything connected to Lifestyle and you can win this prize!

Secondly, Christmas is over - and January is a funny old month. I get peeved off when I see people sitting in the sun in the Southern Hemisphere, while we in the Northern Hemisphere walk around with black clouds hanging over our heads.

Basel's venues for art, theatre and more!

In addition to music and clubbing, we've also come up with a list of venues that feature art, theatre and more.

Basel's venues for music and clubbing!

New to Basel? Wondering where to go and what to do? The English Show has had the (not very) arduous task of scoping out Basel's cultural life - and we've come up with a list of venues which feature live music (from classical to jazz to pop/rock) and club sounds - they're mentioned regularly in our Cultural Events calendar. We've also added some venues further afield - in Zurich, for example.