Nic Oatridge, Best Places to Eat in Germany - Peja Loerrach

Broadcast on: 
9 December, 2014

This week, Toby talked to the English Show's veteran ski correspondent Nic Oatridge about what to expect and where to go this winter.  Nic provided tips on where to find good snow conditions early this season, as it's been a warm, dry start.  In addition to information about nearby, easy-to-reach ski areas and resorts, Nic also gave us information about his favorite out-of-the-way places to ski, where the crowds are thinner and, usually, the snow is better. 


We also had Sue Style telling us about another great restaurant over the borders in Germany. Located at Chesterplatz 5 in Lörrach, Restaurant Peja is inspired by Mediterranean cuisine and is very reasonably priced. The restaurant is easy to get to via public transportation using the trains from Basel's Badischer Banhof into Lörrach town center.  Plenty of open (by the glass) wines, and outdoor patio seating in the warmer months.


The arrival of colder weather inspired us to focus on the music of Iceland.  We featured the following tracks:

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks

GusGus - Over

Bjork - Big Time Sensuality

Sin Fang - Young Boys

Tilbury - Northern Comfort

Emiliana Torrini - Tookah

Sigur Ros - Brennisteinn

plus one Swiss track: ZiBBZ - Undone