How To Get A Document Notarized In Basel

There are occassions on which you will need a document notarized and you won't have the time to visit your countries' consulate or to have a full attorney review and notarization. Many expats have found that what's officially called "Witnessing" will suffice in their home country for such documents as Real Estate Contracts, Registrations, Official Certificates, etc. The process involves going to the Basel-Stadt Migration Office, and going to the office of "Beglaubigungen" (Certifications). They will officially witness the signatures you put on a document you bring with you, and endorse the signature with a stamp and signature of the city of Basel-Stadt. Be prepared if you bring documents that require a lot of signatures to have to wait. The "etiquette" of the office only allows 10 signatures to be witnessed at a time if there is a queue for the office's services, meaning you'll be sent out to wait until others have been seen as well. The cost of the service at the time of this writing is 15 CHF per witnessed signature.  

The address is Spiegelgasse 6 in the Schifflände area of Basel. A picture of the entrance is on the left, a picture of the building is above (right). After entering the building, make a right turn immediately after the inside set of sliding doors and walk towards the rear. A photo of the office is here in the right. Ring the bell if the door is closed (unless the red light indicates the office is busy). Click here to go to the official website of the office for hours of operation.