Video surveillance Extended; Dead Trees Walking; EasyJet Expands Summer 2024 Service

News For 7 November 2024

Basel Stadt authorities have decided to extend the use of the video surveillance cameras installed on the Dreirosenanlage, the promenade adjacent to the Rhein near the Dreirosen bridge.  The program, which started in August was a response to the zone having the highest violent crime rate in the city.  The pilot program was meant to last three months, but will now last until the end of 2024.  Although violent crime remains on the promenade, statistics show the surveillance program has been somewhat effective.  Additional cameras have also been installed to film those that would sabotage the system.  In addition, the recording time allowed for the cameras have been extended to three hours from previously only one hour.


Each year, Basel's gardening department inspects the roughly 27,000 trees living in the city.  At the conclusion of this year's inspection, 195 trees have been marked for death.  Typically, trees are marked for removal when they are already dead, have insufficiently stable branches to ensure safety, or lack the potential to develop.  The project to remove the designated trees will begin in January, and removed trees will ideally be replaced in the fall of 2024.


EasyJet, the low cost European city-hopping airline announced an expansion of service to three new destinations from Switzerland for the summer of 2024. Two departures from Basel will be added, one to Croatia and another to Turkey.  From Zürich, travelers will be able to get directly to Alecante in Spain.