BIS Celebrates 90 Years; School Quarantine Cases Soar; Covid Certificate Mandate Extended

News For 14 September 2021

On October 26, The Bank For International Settlements will open its secretive doors to the public for an exhibition providing a behind-the-scenes look at the bank's activities.  The exhibition will run until November 4 on three upper floors at its iconic brown tower next to Basel's SBB train station and has interactive multimedia features.  Visitors will also get to have a unique view of Basel from the 18th floor according to BIS General Director Augustin Carstens.  Founded in 1930, the bank has played a pivotal role in history acting as the central bank between nations and coordinating their monetary policies.  The exhibition was meant to take place last year for the actual anniversary of its founding but was postponed due to the pandemic.  To learn more about the event visit the Bank's special website:


Since the return of students to Basel Land schools at the end of August the number of people in quarantine has increased tenfold in the canton.  According to research by Swiss broadcasting company SRF, almost three quarters of those affected are children.  As a result, the canton has responded by reimposing the mask-wearing mandate for all 5th year classes in the canton.  The high rates of infection are largely attributable to the transmissibility of the Delta variant of the Coronavirus, the fact that vaccinations for children were only recently approved at the beginning of the summer, and the general relaxation of pandemic related response measures by the government and population.  Philip Loretz, Vice President of the Baselland Teachers Association said masks for the entire school community are likely inevitable if the schools are to remain open.


Covid19 vaccination rates in Switzerland continue to hover in the 50% range as the pandemic is approaching its third year.  Swiss authorities are now responding by extending the vaccination certificate mandate requiring most public venues and commercial operations to require the certificate from their guests.  Soon, it will be impossible to go to most restaurants, theaters or any indoor venues without having the vaccinations and the certificate to prove it.  According to the Federal Council, the mandate, which went into effect Monday, was necessary because of the extremely high occupancy rates of Swiss hospitals.  The current rules will remain in effect until the end of January and may be extended as deemed necessary, according to a government spokesman.  Fines for non-compliance are CHF 100 per person.  Cantons will need to decide on ultimate implementation of the rules, including how to deal with tourists and visitors that may not have the standard Swiss issued Covid Certificate App.