Rival Sons at the Z7 Konzertfabrik - 14 November 2019

There are rock stars, and then there are Rock Stars - capital R, capital S. Rival Sons singer Jay Buchanan is a Rock Star. Blessed with powerful vocals and oodles of charisma, he brings to mind the strutting frontmen of yore.

Those powerful vocals took a hit the day before the Z7 concert; Buchanan had lost his voice in Lausanne towards the end of the set, so there were worries that Rival Sons wouldn't be able to perform at the Z7 in Pratteln. But perform they did. Despite being struck down with a cold, Buchanan powered through a nearly two-hour set, the rough texture of his vocals lending even more grit the band's blues rock.











Guitarist Scott Holiday, bassist Dave Beste, drummer Michael Miley and keyboarder Todd Ögren were on top form, launching into solos and instrumentals to give their singer occasional breaks. Concert highlights included the one-two punch of "Open My Eyes" and "Electric Man" as well as closer "Keep On Swinging". From their new album, "Shooting Stars" and title track "Feral Roots" were particularly affecting.











New York support act The Last Internationale delivered blues rock similar to Rival Sons, with charismatic frontwoman Delila Paz and bundle-of-energy guitarist Edgey Pires tearing up the stage.











- Anna Wirz

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(Yes, we're definitely fans of the band.)


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