Michael Kiwanuka and Brittany Howard at the Baloise Session - 29 October 2019

Two vocal powerhouses dominated the Baloise Session stage on October 29th, 2019, one each from either side of the pond: Brittany Howard from Athens, Alabama, and Michael Kiwanuka from Muswell Hill, London.

Brittany Howard

Former Alabama Shakes frontwoman Brittany Howard recently released her debut solo album, "Jaime", a searingly personal collection of songs that proved to be soul-cleansing and deeply moving when she played them live. Not only that, the songs also had groove and unconventionality, making her concert mesmerising.

From the sweet "Stay High" and the striking "13th Century Metal" to the funk of "History Repeats", the whole set seemed like the take-off of a jet, starting its engines, revving up, and soaring into the sky, with Howard fully immersed in the music. A fabulous concert.











Michael Kiwanuka

Michael Kiwanuka took over the controls and kept the jet flying high, with the 70s-inflected "You Ain't The Problem" and the anthemic "Black Man In A White World" providing power and drive.

He gradually slowed the engines in the middle section of the show, with the wonderfully bluesy "Home Again" a highlight. "Cold Little Heart" saw him soar again before he landed the jet softly back on earth.











A memorable evening with two remarkable musicians.

- Anna Wirz

Photos of Brittany Howard are here.

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