Winter Kids Switzerland - The Schoutens - November 2022

Melinda and Robert Schoutens joined us tonight in The English Show studios at Radio X to tell us about their latest publication, released 7 November 22: "Winter Kids Switzerland, 36 Family Activities".  The book is the third in three years written by the couple, and long-time English Show listeners will of course remember their earlier publications: "Fresh Air Kids Switzerland" and "Fresh Air Kids Switzerland, Hikes to Huts".  This time the Schoutens are focused on making the most of the winter months.  Don't let the short days and gloomy weather get you down, there's a sunny hike above the clouds nearby, and their guide will help you find a suitable day trip, or something perhaps a bit more adventurous. The new book focuses on hikes that features activities like sledding suitable for beginners to those needing an adrenaline kick, and alternatively animal-themed hikes that will give participants a unique opportunity to commune with the winter flora and fauna found in Switzerland.  Their new book is an indispensible reference for your hike planning, making sure all the boxes are ticked and that you will enjoy a stress-free experience. Winter Kids Switzerland can be found (in English and German) at Bider & Tanner, other fine booksellers and on-line wherever Helvetic publishers distributes their books.