Thanksgiver Schweiz - Laura Rosso and Lisa Brunet - July 2023

Laura Rosso is the founder & CEO and Lisa Brunet is the Director of Communication & Development of Thanksgiver Schweiz, an organisation that helps reduce the hunger gap by providing families access to nutritious food. The demand for food aid in Switzerland is immense. Driven by a strong desire to give back to the community and planet, Laura started Thanksgiver Schweiz in 2020.

Today, Thanksgiver provides food to around 700 people in need every single week at food banks in Birsfelden and in Muttenz, thereby saving 40 tons of food that would otherwise go to waste.

Every Monday, Thanksgiver also supports families with German and English, helping them to integrate faster into the community and to find a job more easily.

Laura and Lisa talked to us about the organisation's origins and collaborations and how to get involved.