Smart Home Technologies & Care Giving Interview Study UniBas - Angelina Tian

Angelina Tian joined us tonight to introduce an interview study that she is doing as a Ph.D. student at the Institute for Biomedical Ethics at the University of Basel. As a Canadian expat and an ethics researcher in the area of smart home technologies and caregiving for older adults, she hopes to dedicate her Ph.D. journey to explore the caregiving concerns of immigrant/expat only children who have settled in Europe and may need to care for older parents back home. With the help of smart home health technologies and their capabilities to alert and support older people remotely, they could become viable solutions for immigrant children living at a distance from their older parents. If you have lived in Europe for 10+ years, are 30-55 years of age, have no siblings, and have at least 1 parent living in your home country, please reach out to Angelina via (

Angelina is super excited to hear from you and you will no doubt benefit from at least thinking more about your parents back home!