Semi-Circle Basel - Christmas Deconstructed - November 2023

The Semi-Circle is Basel's English language amateur theater group which has been staging plays and musicals for almost 50 years. Their upcoming production is called "Christmas Deconstructed - Be Careful What You Wish For!". It's a series of short plays which are loosely tied to Christmas, with a mix of comedies and drama. There are plays about Father Christmas's plans to retire, and others about a charity parachute jump, rollercoaster rides and killer banana spiders, psychics, a paranormal pirate radio show about aliens, werewolves, and time travel – something for everyone! The production runs from 22 to 24 November and 29 November to 1 December 2023 at the Theater Arlecchino in Basel. Get your tickets here. Directors Zuzana Cox and Daria Montijo came in to give us the details.