RE: Cafe and Unverpackt - Suzi Lyon - May 2022

English Show and Swisspats Podcast alumna Suzi Lyon joined us in the studio to talk about her newest project: the RE: Cafe and Unverpackt, which will open on June 10th, 2022, on Neuweilerstrasse 2a in Allschwil. The concept at RE: is to be zero / low waste, with coffee and tea styles from all over the world - strong black UK tea, Marsala Chai, flat white from Australia. The café will also serve food items prepared by vendors from all over Switzerland that Suzi met as guests of the Swisspats podcast: homemade cookies, Basel-made bagels, and more. The name RE: can mean many things and is inspired by the idea that Suzi wants to create a space that doesn't add damage to the world, and so at RE: she'll be encouraging you to (re)fill, (re)use and (re)discover.