Heike Reinhart - German Language Specialist - December 2022

Heike Reinhart, The Global German Language Specialist, joined us at The English Show to share news about her newly published book, "Helping HandBuch by Heike". Heike has been providing training for groups and individuals for over 15 years in German language skills. Her dream for her latest book is that every newcomer to a German-speaking canton will be given a copy by the Swiss government. The book is structured around easy-to-remember mnemonic devices and visual references that help "decode" the most challenging aspects of German. If you're weary of the quizzical looks you get when you use the correct vocabulary in the wrong word order, you'll find Heike's book indispensible in your quest to be understood in German. Heike also helps with training for your Goethe / TELC / FIDE exams in case you're preparing for a Swiss Residency Permit or Citizenship.