Easy, Tasty, Gluten Free - Marne Platt

Marne Platt, author, joined us in the English Show Studio Tonight. Marne follows a gluten-free diet to manage her celiac disease, and she still loves dessert. Her cookbook, Easy, Tasty, Gluten Free, includes 50 recipes for sweets that make life delicious for people living with celiac disease or a gluten allergy.

Marne moved to Basel in 2005 and since then, she’s been sharing her gluten-free goodies with friends and colleagues. Her cookbook makes it easy for even the newest celiac or the least experienced baker to make delicious cookies, cakes, and more. Find Marne and her cookbook at www.marneplatt.com or on Amazon, or most Saturday mornings in the tearoom at Café Schiesser on Marktplatz.