Centrepoint's Ukrainian Refugee Initiative - Viktoriya Parkhomenko, Zhanna Volovets - January 2023

Centrepoint is a well-established English-speaking community located at the Lohnhof in the heart of Basel. Its aim is to provide its members with a sense of belonging both to Centrepoint and the Basel region by offering participation in a diverse range of activities and social events.

Centrepoint launched a Ukranian Refugee Initiative in summer 2022. The initial focus of this initiative is on English and German Conversation Groups to help S-status holders from Ukraine to maintain or improve their English and German skills.

Ukrainian member volunteers Viktoriya Parkhomenko and Zhanna Volovets told us about their experiences at Centrepoint, their work, and how they see their future.

On the same show, we also talked to Centrepoint's Vivian Beetle. Listen to that separate interview here.