Basel Chamber Voices - August 2023

Catherine Nisato and Giovanni Nisato from Basel Chamber Voices came into the studio to tell us about the choir's upcoming open rehearsals and concert. Basel Chamber Voices is an a cappella chamber choir of passionate singers with a desire to experience music within and across the borders of culture, generation, and tradition. If you like singing and would be interested in performing with the choir this season, head to the Meierhof Hall (behind Dorfkirche) in Riehen Dorf on August 22nd and 29th for their open rehearsals. Basel Chamber Voices would love to have people drop by and try out. They are interested in all voices, and also in members who have additional talents in funding drives. The choir's upcoming concert on December 2nd is called «Christmas and all that Jazz». It's a foray into a new genre while remaining in the familiar territory of Christmas tradition.