Amber Eve & Teddy Hall - Comic Strip Burlesque & Comedy Show - June 2023

Dancer Amber Eve and comedian Teddy Hall joined us to talk about their Burlesque & Comedy show Comic Strip, as well as their individual shows. Amber Eve performs both as a burlesque and strip dancer and enchants every audience with her big heart, booty and sense of humour. Teddy Hall has been performing across Europe for years since learning his trade as a comedian in London, exciting audiences with an unpredictable and quick-witted brand of comedy. He produces On The Run Comedy Club in Basel. Together, Amber and Teddy coproduce Comic Strip, a wild and fun variety show with artists from the worlds of burlesque, comedy, and more. Their new season starts on 22 September 2023 at Parterre One in Basel and on 29 September 2023 in Zurich. If you'd like to see Amber Eve on stage, you can follow her on Instagram as well as Cozy Cabaret to get notified about upcoming events.