Nomad Hotel review

Nomad Hotel review

On 4th January 2016 there was a very quiet opening of a new 4* Design & Lifestyle Hotel in Basel, it was that quiet no one really knew but with clever marketing the ‘official’ opening 23rd January 2016 blew a cold January Saturday night into a spectacular fireball. This hotel is Nomad Hotel.

The press party was intimately held in the hotel’s library (so posh that they have a library, a must visit). I was invited and as a bonus they asked me to stay the night to test out all the facilities and there were lots! Boy were my friends envious. At the press party I mingled with the architects, furniture and interior designers and hotel management. Krafft group and UBS collaborated and in my opinion they struck gold. Staying in the Nomad is really hip even the cleaners wear customized uniforms, of course designed locally. Each area of the hotel is created from craftsmanship of unique identity, divine. Colour palette shades are earthy green/turquoise hues and so electic. The oak stools look like big wooden buttons, great for kids and yes kids are very welcomed. Leather is sourced from Italy and textiles (carpets) are made from a woven wool called KILIM.

So why a new hotel in Basel? This is not just any hotel it is a lifestyle concept. Imagine being with artists. designers, funky people well these are the kind of citizens that guest there. They offer a fantastic menu, Sunday brunching is to ‘die for’ all in ambient settings and a great location for people watching. They even had the dining area acoustically absorbed so evening ‘events’ can take place. See here for events. One thing to this day I still struggle with is actually getting in the hotel. The entrance/reception is not so clear and I saw many people pushing and pulling on doors that were either so heavy, closed or just not so visible. This needs resolving and fast.

Downstairs is underground parking (a must for visitors) and wait…a gym with yoga mats and even a sauna! On the opening night the gym was cleverly converted into an underground rave with a DJ and hot food (mini burgers). The following day all was back to normal and I had the chance to do a little yoga, a few handstands and enjoy the sauna in solitude.

MYNY hair offer a ‘fly in service’ to ‘fluff’ and pamper you and these little extras make it unique and cute. You can hire odd looking fold up bicycles (green of course) and the receptionists are on call night and day to assist. Prices are not so extortionate as you would imagine and the 65 guest room are different in design so you chose your option. On each floor there is a ‘free’ refreshments area, great for coffee, water and various teas. On the opening night guests saw each concept of the rooms and performing artists were cleverly jammed into one of the bedrooms, the horses head from The Godfather was in another…it was a riot. WIFI is also perfect, but we are in Switzerland!

So The Nomad Hotel goes on. I have gone back on several occasions and everyone I take is surprised how simple and beautiful the hotel is. It is a little hidden in the fashionable art district behind the Kunstmuseam but maybe that’s the thing, less is more.

Go for a coffee, first date, take a prosecco or jump into the Sunday brunch you will not be disappointed…..

Thank you to Daniela Hotz (PR), Denise Furter (Director Nomad) and the Krafft Group for being fabulous.