Editors in Zurich and Fribourg - 14 and 15 February 2020

People ask me: "So, does it ever get boring seeing a band more times than you can count?". If the band is as great as Editors, the answer is: no. Well, yes and no. Some concerts are of course more memorable than others when you go and see the same band every other Tuesday.

But there are always those moments of elation when Editors launch into "Papillon", or when they play "Frankenstein" live for the first time, or when the whole room sings along to "Sugar".

14 years after their debut album, Editors released Best Of compilation "Black Gold" in October 2019. This collection of songs is striking proof of how far the band have come while remaining distinctly Editors-esque, not least because Tom Smith's sublime baritone ties it all together.













The band have progressed from mid-noughties indie stalwarts to electro-rock overlords. Not quite Depeche Mode-sized overlords, but certainly in a similar vein to those electro gods.

And although some fans still prefer Editors' early work, I find their later work more interesting. The band's current purple patch is a joy to behold; their best work is happening right now.













The excellent "Violence" was Editors' last studio album, and at these concerts in Zurich and Fribourg, they play its title track as well as "Magazine", while new song "Upside Down" gets its first airing.

The audience greets older songs like "Bullets", "Munich" and "Bones" with shouts of delight.













The highlight is the one-two-three punch of "Violence", "Frankenstein" and "Papillon", an ecstasy-inducing progression of electro-rock bangers that lifts the roof.

The finale of "The Racing Rats", "Munich" and "Smokers Outside Hospital Doors" releases the punters out into the streets with huge smiles on their faces. On this Best Of tour, every single Editors concert is a winner.













Swedish trio Junodef provide the support on both evenings, their atmospheric post-rock leading the audience through dark, rich soundscapes.













- Anna Wirz

Promoter: Good News Productions AG

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