Markus Klinko Exhibition - David Bowie Photographs - April 2016

At the Licht Feld Gallery on 24 March 2016, there was a gathering of the most fashionable types, as David Bowie was in town (albeit on canvas). This exclusive photography exhibition of more than twenty original Bowie photos, taken by Markus Klinko, really was breathtaking and emotional. Since David's passing on 10 January 2016, anything with the name 'David Bowie' is more in demand than ever.

It was rare to see such crisp, stunning, artistic photos, all cleverly composed by Markus and beautifully exhibited in the Licht Feld Gallery. A baby, cigarettes, a brave male model and wolves, (yes, real wolves) all played a part. Markus explained that in 2002, real wolves were brought (or rather, smuggled) into his studio in New York, to be photographed with a male model; and then with David's blessing, Bowie's face was superimposed onto these photos with the most artistic eye imaginable (Markus Klinko's eyes). I simply loved the grandeur of the supersized canvases, and the use of blue tones and denim made me gasp as Bowie looked SO good.

In 2002, GQ magazine accoladed David Bowie with a 'lifetime achievement gong', an award only ever given to the crème de la crème of the male species - such as Michael Caine, Richard Branson, Paul McCartney and Elton John. In celebration, a stunning photo of Bowie holding the leash of a wolf was on the cover page of GQ and won an award for Markus; 'officially voted one of the best ever photos in GQ magazine'. You can actually see and purchase this iconic photo right here in Basel amongst others until Sunday 10 April 2016. Many of the prints are available in different sizes, and if you really want to make a statement, the supersized prints are also available. Most are exclusively available in a series of only twelve limited edition copies and are selling fast.

Markus has many other talents up his sleeve - he is also a director and a harpist - and is very in demand. He has the fashion crowd at his feet and I can see why: his portfolio is incredible - no wonder all the stars flock to him. He makes them look SO good: Lady Gaga, Beyoncé, Iman Bowie, Anne Hathaway, and so many more. Markus's photos regularly grace the high end glossies.

Back to Basel. The prosecco glasses are clinking and opening night is wrapping up. Markus is on the other side of the lens as TV crews and fans, including myself, hang out to have a photo taken with him. What I loved about this exhibition is that it is relatively 'backstreet' but so damn good - and I want everyone to experience it while they can. More details on the exhibition here - it's only in town for two weeks, so get to the Licht Feld Gallery as soon as possible!

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