Gaynor's Lifestyle Chat - January 2016

For the Grand Opening of my NEW Lifestyle Chat this month, I wanted to touch on all things black.

First of all, I have a Tom Ford Black Orchid gift set worth CHF 100.-to give away as a prize, so contact me if you want to discuss anything connected to Lifestyle and you can win this prize!

Secondly, Christmas is over - and January is a funny old month. I get peeved off when I see people sitting in the sun in the Southern Hemisphere, while we in the Northern Hemisphere walk around with black clouds hanging over our heads.

To cheer us up, let's dive into the good stuff. In Basel we are so lucky as it's a small village and the sales stock does not get picked over. Many of the smaller boutiques have fantastic bargains that run right through to February. Sophys, Naked, Manor and Globus are wicked.


Products I am loving which are black are sanitary towels. Who had this great idea? We have all worn that fancy party dress only to be shocked to see the dreaded white bandage visible to all. I'm loving black sanitary pads - well done, Migros.

Black tights are a MUST. Calzedonia is an Italian brand that is high quality and stock is in! I recently got a compliment on my tights in the fancy Les Trois Rois hotel; the tights have a HUGE strip of black velvet running up the back- so sleek. Hold-ups are also fantastic quality here and most are 50% in the sale.

Toothpaste can also be black. I have the sexiest young Brazilian dentist and she gave me this tip. You can check me out on YouTube sampling this. Still tastes of mint and has wonderful whitening power - and it's Swiss made.

And in food news: black rice has been around for years. It looks pretty on the plate but is a bugger to cook as I don't do slow. In regular stores you will always pay more for black rice, but at Spar on Steinenvorstadt it is only 3 CHF! Get down there even if you didn't know this store existed.


My January App of the Month is Clue. This is designed for ladies, and it tracks all your periods, moods and craziness. Men beware, your girlfriend's cycle could be available in Excel and boy, will you be able to plan that weekend away when she is ovulating. It is brilliant, as it visibly tells you when you are most fertile. You can also track the times you have sex; this is getting less frequent for me (*sob sob*), but will be fun to look at when I'm in the nursing home (you can't track the guys' names, though). I've been using it for a year now and it's a great planning tool that's foolproof.


YouTube is MAHOSIVE at the moment! I'm actually getting a little bit obsessed. I've not owned a TV in 10 years and for me YouTube is 'Simply The Best'. I'm subscribed to approximately 50 YouTubers and of course I love my beauty bloggers. Fleur DeForce comes top for me, and a newbie is ThePersianbabe as she does a full-time job and manages to throw out a few videos per month. An underrated channel is British Vogue: it doesn’t have that many subscribers yet but you get to know all the behind-the-scenes hints and tips. Condé Nast produce this fashion bible, and I love the fact that Alexa Chung interviews the doorman for gossip. 73 questions is brilliant and yes, I'm a nosey parker and loved going inside Sarah Jessica Parker's house and Nicole Kidman's farm.Subscribe here.

Best person on YouTube in January 2016: Fleur DeForce. Subscribe here.

Basel tip for January 2016: Hotel Nomad. See my full review here.

Inspirational quote of the month

Martin Luther King Day is on 18 January, and one of the things he said was: "Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter." Don't be silent.

Contact me or DUNRAVG on Instagram. I'm only just starting out on this blogging, so please be kind.

- Gaynor xxx