Orchard Thai Restaurant, Lörrach, Germany

Kiwi Jon and Ciaran from The English Show decided to try out the Orchard Thai Restaurant in Lörrach one Friday evening in late April 2013....

Located near Marktplatz in the centre of Lörrach, this restaurant is easy to get to from Basel.

Having visited here numerous times, the previous time with disasterous service in 2011, Kiwi Jon thought it was time to test it out again.

Here in a nutshell is our experience:

Service: Friendly in the begining. Then very slow after the starters were served. Try a 45 minutes for the main to come after the starter! Worst still, the restaurant was only 60% full and we ordered simple thai curries!

Food: Typical Thai style food, nothing over the top to write home about. However, the portions seemed to have shrunk in size since the last visit.

Ciaran ordered a vegetable green curry as he is a vegetarian. Do you think they could get that right? No! After eating a some of his "vegetarian curry" I pointed out something in the bowl which looked like meat. It was - and comfirmed by the waitress. No replacement offered, though given the wait for the mains I was glad it was not offered!

Value for Money: In one word, NO! Prices have increased dramatically in the last two years, infact given the averageness of the food, you will get the same if not better for the same price in Basel. Now that's saying something!

Why do I say this? Tiny portions, now they charge rice, and a kings ransom for it too. A tiny, tiny bowl of rice will cost you 3 Euros, and I mean tiny bowl. I am one who does not agree with paying for rice. Rice is a staple with most Asian dishes and should be part of the main you order.  Can you imagine ordering jam in a cafe and having to pay for the toast separately?

To top it all of: Even at the end of the dinner, the manager offered to deduct the price of the vegetarian curry - which was not. Did not apologise in English or German (dispite Ciaran speaking it fluently with them).

Kiwi Jon's rating of Orchard Thai Restaurant = 1 out of 5 sad. Not recommended unless you enjoy hugely long waits for your food, average service, average thai food, over priced for what it is.

Let us know if you've ever eaten at Orchard Thai Restaurant in Lörrach. Send us an email to info@theenglishshow.com