Comedy im Balz! English Comedy Show Night!

Created By : Mary Collins 02/04/2019

My first experience of comedy shows in Basel, and truly a great experience! I have to admit that finding the location was a bit tricky. The first entrance has a long hallway with a doorway that lead into a eclectic looking room.  Greeted by very good-looking staff (smartly dressed and friendly) my companion and I excitedly rushed down to the stage area to find a comfortably crowded bar and seating arrangement with more gorgeous staff and a business/ casual mix of people. We ordered a couple of white wines and took our seats.

The MC Joël von Mutzenbecher came on and helped make the audience get into comic mood with a few good jokes before introducing the first comedian Nico Arn, who was rather slapstick and definitely got a few chortles started. He had great pause and delivery techniques.  Albert Louw, the next onstage, was a "newcomer" from South Africa. His humour was a bit more controversial though there was a narrative-comedy afoot, which I personally enjoy as it uses your imagination to get into it (maybe less effective after a few drinks, or maybe more?!). Johannes Dullin …completely abstract! Music plays a main role in Johannes' sketch and "Mr. Bean" or the "Young Ones" really comes to mind. I think he would have been better suited next to last as one needs a very dry sense of humour or a bit more wine to get into his particular style.

Rob Spence, the Australian with an irresistible comedic smile, relates with relationship woes and intercultural reflexions “rules, rules rules” being common ground and comedic irony. Frank Richter entertained with his mildly crude dictator references and “lite on the loafers” style jokes.

The tall, lanky Christian Schulte-Loh brings it all together with a mixture of techniques, historic references, country comparisons and very good at seemingly impromptu audience interaction (in multiple languages, I might add, which is impressive to say the least!).

All in all, there was an excellent mixture of different styles and characters. Something for everyone and a well put together evening of comedy. Applause to all of the comedians and the fabulous staff and producers of this event. I truly look forward to the next one!

Comedy in Balz is a must see. Check here for this and other upcoming events and comedy nights.